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Stand Out from The Crowd with Sentosa Double Charge Tiles To Beautify Your Interiors

Flooring should not be an afterthought when it comes to interior design. Instead, you can start with the choice of perfect flooring for beautiful interiors and design your décor around them. There is a reason. Flooring is virtually permanent and one cannot change it as one would change the paint, furnishings and furniture. With the choice of the right flooring design, pattern, texture and material, your house can take on an elegant and classically beautiful look. Compromising on this crucial aspect will result in mundane looks that detract rather than add to the gracious charm even after lavish expenditure.

How tiles are laid out will dictate how even and smooth they look but the primary matter of importance is selection of the right tile in order to stand out. If one looks closely, cheap tiles have many imperfections. For one, they are not perfectly flat across the surface, which shows up when the tiles are laid out. The edges may not be perfectly rectangular and this will result in lines that are not straight and misalignment. There may be shade variations which again mars he beauty of the floor. Cheaper tiles can chip, crack and break. Small imperfections add up into a larger asymmetric look that is in total disharmony and not worth the cost. Sentosa double vitrified charge tiles, on the other hand, are worlds apart and the best if one wishes to achieve standout, classy and elegant looks.

Consider the choice of shades, patterns and combinations. Sentosa has carefully picked shade and pattern combinations to create a pleasing, natural look to the flooring. Each tile is dimensionally perfect as regards surface flatness, thickness variation across length and breadth and perfect 90 degree angle at the edges. Each tile has its edges ground to fine tolerances. This translates to rich, sumptuous looks. It looks as if the floor is one even spread of material instead of there being discordant hollows and peaks. Lines are perfectly aligned. Because particular attention is given to scrupulously maintaining shade and color correctness, the entire surface has a unified look. All of these are little things but they add up to a lot when tiles are laid out. Your floor becomes the basis and the building block of an outstanding interior you can justifiably boast about.

Double charge vitrified tiles last longer and, because the top layer is a homogenous composite about 3 to 4 mm in thickness, the appearance is uniform and the tile will not crack or chip or discolor. It lasts.

Sentosa platinum, golden, silver, pearl and madurai series epitomize perfection and class in each square inch, designed for perfectionists who insist on nothing but the best in flooring. Each has distinctive coloring, grain and pattern to bring to life visions you have of dream interiors. Of course, when you pick the best tiles you must have an expert to lay out the tiles and bring out their beauty and perfection. As they say, a thing of beauty is joy forever.

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