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How To Clean Vitrified Floor Tiles?

There might be one of these reasons you are searching for the answer to this question:

  •    Either your home has vitrified floor tiles
  •    Or you are thinking of installing vitrified floor tiles in your home.

In either of the conditions, you must be very well aware of the cleaning ways and process of such floor tiles. Getting this flooring installed is not a teeny weeny investment, so how to maintain it is the biggest concern on your head. You don’t want to lag back in the cleaning and see your beautiful and classy floor getting tarnished. N a contrary, you also don’t intend to opt for over cleaning and end up damaging your floor tiles. Do you? Also, you don’t want to fall for the wrong cleaning products and again see your floor tiles looking dull and deteriorated. So, before you jump into something you can’t rectify, it’s advisable to get the full-fledged knowledge and then install it or take any cleaning actions if you have already installed it.

Basically, this floor tiles are high gloss one and also not to forget compacted ones. The durability of such floor tiles is quite high and that’s the reason behind its massive installation in the modern houses. Also, you don’t want some flooring that is a huge pain in head to maintain which is definitely not the case with vitrified flooring. Such flooring is comparatively easy to maintain with no cost involved. When it comes to cleaning, the process will demand a little bit of work as it has the glossy finish and it will need a protective barrier which blocks the stains and liquid from penetrating into the tiles and ruining its finish. One of the must follow suggestion is not to fall for some expensive commercial cleaning solution instead make your homemade cleaning solution. This will also save your cost of buying it from the market and spending some bucks on it.

So, without wasting much of the time, let’s just get started with the simple and easy cleaning process of the vitrified floor tiles.  

1)    If you are a lazy bee and just find it easy to mop the floor, don’t do it. Before mopping the floor, make sure to sweep it first at least once in a week. Collect all the loose debris from the floor to protect the floor from the damage.

2)    Take hot water in a bucket and mop the floor with it. Allow the floor to dry properly. Let the air circulate in the room. Make sure to keep the foot traffic away from the floor till it dries properly to avoid footprints to make your floor to look dirty.

3)    Take a bucket, pour 1 gallon of hot water into the bucket and mix one cup white vinegar for making the best cleaning solution for the floor tiles. Dip the mop into the cleaning solution and mop the floor. Again, let the floor dry properly without stepping on it.   

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