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What are worth options available for flooring of a house?

Building or having own house is the dream of everyone who would want it to be decorated beautifully. The flooring matters a lot to glorify a house, office or public surrounding. There are variety of flooring options available, suitable as per the space and traffic. Check out here what flooring alternatives one can find to implement at his house:-

Hardwood Flooring:

Hardwood is the most traditional flooring alternative. Due to its sturdiness, temperate and usual experience, it becomes the premium choice of several house owners. Among all hardwoods, oak is the simply available material that is most demanded. Rest of the options include cherry or some glamorous imported products like Tasmanian oak etc can also be considered.

Laminate Flooring:

This is another well-liked flooring option that is measured as a cheaper one than traditional hardwood flooring. It can be installed easily. It is comprised of variant wood based products, where lamination with wood granules imprint is processed. Engineered wood floor is an example of such flooring that comprises of thin hard covering layer of hardwood with plywood sheets that provides realistic look to the laminate. Though it is relatively costly than ordinary laminate.

Bamboo Flooring:

Despite of the name suggests bamboo, these floors are manufactured with wooden grass. This material possesses the flexibility that makes it long lasting and moisture resistant. Bamboo flooring can also be engineered to have multiple joints as available in wooden floors. The material can also contract swelling.

Cork Flooring:

Similar to bamboo flooring, this is an alternative available for wood flooring. Due to its sole structural composition, it provides padded feeling on walking. This is the reason it can soak up sensations & resonance and recover from denting. It comes in pre-finished pattern. Best thing about cork flooring is that it is slip resistance hence most suitable for bathroom.

Linoleum Flooring:

It is one of the most popular green floors and has been gaining popularity due to the eco-friendly nature it possesses resulting in healthier alternative. Linoleum flooring is manufactured through wood floor, linseed oil and rosin. Linoleum resists bacteria to grow hence mostly utilized in hospitals.
Linoleum is also non-conductor to electricity and provides resistance to scratches and soaking. The material can be cleaned effortlessly and gives soft feeling at surfaces, available in huge patterns as well.


Porcelain is comprised of terra cotta and marble or granite or any natural stone. A cost savvy option than stones yet provides fabulous look and toughness. It requires less maintenance than stone that is leaky and has to be repaired. One such resilient material is glazed porcelain tile that is made use of at areas having more traffic. It can be found in different shades and patterns to be combined in order to create that unique design.
Ceramic tile is best suited for requirement of water proof feature and is useful alternative for outdoor flooring due to the water stoppage.

Vinyl Flooring:

Vinyl flooring is most considered in areas having humidity issues like kitchen, bathroom, store or basement. This material can also be cleaned easily and gives feeling of soft surface. Vinyl can be found in sheet of variant thickness that holds greater value. For higher resistance to heavy traffic, thickness of the tile should be higher.

Concrete Flooring:

Concrete flooring is the latest and low maintenance flooring option one can have. The plain concrete can be transformed in to look alike of polished marble or brick paver or anything with the help of various kinds of stains and plasters available today. This adoptability is the best part of concrete flooring. Again, the most durable material that is absorbent to heat.

Marble Flooring:

Marble flooring is the most heavy-duty and flexible option for any flooring. The maintenance and cleaning is comparatively the easiest among all. It can be transformed into desired texture and pattern comfortably due to larger availability in sizes and colours. Installation of the material is so easy. This is most preferred flooring option of any house owner.

Glass Flooring:

This flooring is made of glass bottles after recycling process. This material has been gaining higher popularity day by day. It does provide equal benefits like different eco-friendly materials available. Glass provides resistance to absorption, scratch & mould and its maintenance is much easier too. Glass material is available in variety of finish and shades fulfilling the design requirements. Best part is, it provides lighter reflection to the area.

Wool carpet flooring:

Carpet is traditional flooring for houses or halls. It offers soft underfoot experience, sitting easiness and variety of patterns. Rather carpet is manufactured of toxins that are not hygienic. Wool carpet flooring is one option that is eco-friendly. It’s a natural product and can be spun with desirable dyes to create a wool carpet. It can be utilized as a floor cover that is resilient and long lasting. Wool carpet has been used by families in generations. Jute carpets and cotton carpets can also be made.

Polyester Berber Carpet

Polyester is another material that can be used to make a carpet through recycling of plastic bottles. This is also eco-friendly product that helps to reduce plastic wastage. Polyester is pour resistant, tough enough and is available in numerous colours and shades. With its stained nature, suits to any colouring. Polyester berber is a cost effective flooring alternative.

Rubber Flooring:

Rubber flooring is created through the recycling of tires and can be found at working areas likes health gyms, playgrounds etc. It is being used in other areas of home like bathroom and kitchen nowadays. It is flexible, durable and greater looking option provides resistance to water and is good underfoot. Rubber flooring can be done in different colours and patterns.

Leather Flooring:

Leather for such flooring is originated from midst of cowhide which is a thick in quality unlike of material used in purse and belt. The comfort walking of leather flooring turns it to be ultimate choice for drawing room or bedroom or an area with less traffic. It is not an ideal option for wet places yet resilient and long lasting. Interesting part is that the scratched lather would leave its unique impact.

Double Charge Vitrified Tiles:

A cheaper option than marble, granite or hardwood yet gives awesome look to the flooring. These tiles are hard and non porous, do not have scratches, washable, and water resistant makes it ideal to use at bathroom and kitchen. Discolouration and higher maintenance is not a concern with such products. All such flooring alternatives hold value somewhere or the other depending upon the nature of environment, budget, requirement, comfort and magnificence.

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